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In my 6 years of studying with Krysten, there hasn’t been a single lesson I didn’t look forward to.  She brings so much fun and joy to her lessons. She taught me that music can be a way of communicating, and also a form of telling stories.

AVA, 15

Krysten is such a supportive, kind, and helpful teacher. I'm so pleased with the progress I've made in just my first year of playing. Our weekly lessons, and the warmth and kindness Krysten brings to them, are truly a bright spot in my week.


Krysten is fun and  patient. She always has creative ideas to bring to the harp, like making up names for different hand shapes!  After my lesson I feel refreshed and ready to go on to something new. I feel uplifted by her positivity.


I like plucking the strings to make beautiful music, and I feel happy at the end of my lessons.


Thank you, Krysten, for your great teaching, for your patience, and for challenging our daughter. She is making regular progress and loves the harp. When our neighbors asked her how her harp lessons were going, she replied, “Awesome!”


What I like most is that Krysten makes my lessons so fun. She has her own interesting and unique ways to teach the harp. After a lesson with Krysten, I always feel more confident with my songs than before.

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